Norton LifeLock

LifeLock with Norton Benefit Premier helps provide employees peace of mind with comprehensive protection for their identity, connected devices, and online privacy. If a potential threat is detected in their network, members are notified via email, text, phone, or mobile app alerts.


Employee-only coverage: $9.99/month

Family coverage: $18.98/month


LifeLock with Norton Benefit Plans features:

Social Media Monitoring – Our Social Media Monitoring* feature helps members keep their social media accounts safer. We monitor their social media accounts and notify them if their account may be compromised or if we find potentially risky links.

Home Title Monitoring – Your home is likely your biggest asset, but how often do you monitor the title to your home? Someone could take out a loan and lien against your home without your knowledge. We will monitor and notify the member if we detect changes made at the county recorder’s office related to their home’s title so they can take necessary action to protect their home.

LifeLock Identity Alert™ System – It’s the foundation for all LifeLock services. We monitor for fraudulent use of a member’s Social Security number, name, address, or date of birth in applications for credit and services. The patented system sends alerts by text, phone, email, or mobile app.

Credit Monitoring – We monitor key changes to the member’s credit file at one or all three credit bureaus (depending on your plan) and alert them to changes to help detect fraud.

Dark Web Monitoring – Identity thieves can sell personal information on hard-to-find dark web sites and forums. We patrol the dark web and notify the member if we find their information.

Norton Secure VPN – Our virtual private network helps secure private information like passwords, bank details and credit card numbers when using public Wi-Fi on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Bank-grade encryption protects personal information sent over public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks, and you can browse anonymously so your online privacy is protected against tracking from online advertisers.

Device Security – Real-time protection helps secure members’ devices (PCs, Mac, smartphones, or tablets), and helps defend against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats.

Online Threat Protection – Advanced security helps protect members’ devices and private and financial information when they go online.



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